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365 is back!!!

Happy New Year! I will be trying to again complete one piece a day for a year. Day 1 has already been posted. A gorgeous set of garnet earrings, perfect for anyone with a January birthday or someone who just loves garnet :) I will post them on etsy shortly.

Can’t wait to get started making jewelry and art again! It’s been far too long. If anyone has any suggestions of something they’d like to see please leave me a comment, thanks.


January 1, 2012 - Day 1
The return of 365!! These are handmade earrings made with garnets (January’s birthstone) these beauties will compliment any outfit.
all new…

I finally got all my stuff in one place again and got some new supplies. So in the coming weeks I will be getting tons of new stuff up. This is my new jewelry blog — please follow this blog to see what new stuff will be coming. And as always keep checking!! Thanks so much. SimplyLP

365 - Day 6 Bracelet
365 - Day 1 Necklace and Earring Combo
Avalon Necklace OOAK
Sally’s Seashells Necklace and Earrings OOAK
Peaceful Water Necklace OOAK
The Painted Desert Necklace OOAK
Mint Chocolate Chip Necklace OOAK
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